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Eat my pickles.
Wear clean underwear.
Marry a doctor.



Frequently Asked Questions

Product Availability

Where can I buy Bubbies products near me?

Click here to find Bubbies products near you!

How do I request Bubbies products to be sold at my neighborhood store?

Click Here!

Does Bubbies sell its products online? Are your products safe to purchase from an online third-party seller?

Unfortunately, we do not currently sell Bubbies products online. Bubbie just learned what email is! Seriously though, aside from our Bread & Butter Chips, all Bubbies products require continuous refrigeration, which is not feasible for most online vendors. If you plan to purchase our refrigerated products from an online third party, please know that these products should be kept and shipped refrigerated at all times.

Where can I find Bubbies Pickled Herring in the US?

Unfortunately, our Pickled Herring is in limited production and is only offered in Canada, where demand is highest.

Why can I no longer find Pickled Green Tomatoes in grocery stores?

Most stores stopped carrying our Pickled Green tomatoes because they weren’t selling well. As a result, we made the hard decision to discontinue them. We’re as sad about this as you are, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s support of this product over the years. We hope to have a new and better product available in the near future to replace them.

Ingredient Claims

Are your products GMO free?

All Bubbies products are Non-GMO and carry the Non-GMO Project Verified seal. You can click here to see all our Non-GMO products. For Bubbie, GMO is a No-No!

Are your products gluten free?

All Bubbies products are gluten free and are processed in a gluten-free environment.

Are your products Kosher?

All Bubbies products are OU Kosher Certified, though not Kosher For Passover. L’chaim!

Are your products Organic?

Though not organic, Bubbies products are made with simple ingredients and no preservatives, MSG, or caking agents. Bubbies products contain no nonsense, just like Bubbie herself!

Fermentation Process

What does it mean that Bubbies pickles, relish and sauerkraut products are “Fermented with Naturally Present Cultures”?

Our fermentation process harnesses the bacteria cultures that are naturally present on our cucumbers and cabbage to transform these amazing veggies into delicious fermented pickles, relish and sauerkraut! The particular bacteria in our fermentation is lactobacillus, though the strains of this bacteria vary from batch to batch! This “lacto-fermentation” is the magic process behind our products as well as kimchi, kombuchas, yogurts and much, much more!

Do your products contain live cultures?

Bubbies products are fermented using naturally present and live bacterial cultures, though we don’t test for the amount of live cultures in each jar or serving.

Are Bubbies products a “raw food” or are they pasteurized?

Our Kosher Dill Pickles and Relish are 100% raw. Our Sauerkraut goes through a heat treatment process designed to slow down the fermentation so that it’s perfectly fermented when opened. This treatment means our Sauerkraut is neither raw nor pasteurized. Only our Bread & Butter Chips are pasteurized and “shelf stable”.

My jar of Bubbies is cloudy. What’s up with that!?

It’s the cloudy brine that makes it Bubbies! The cloudiness is a byproduct of the natural fermentation process. Some batches are naturally cloudier than others, but all are safe to eat and taste delicious. Bubbie says, “Shake Until Cloudy!” To learn more about Bubbies cloudy brine, click here!

Is it ok to drink the brine? I’m so very thirsty!

To quote Bubbie, “Drinking the brine is divine!” Be like Bubbie and use the brine instead of vinegar in all your favorite recipes! Try it in your salad dressings, marinades, and cocktails! Bubtini anyone!?

Allergy Claims

Do Bubbies products contain any of the 8 major allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat or soybeans? Are any of these allergens present in Bubbies’ food facilities?

All Bubbies products are free of the 8 major allergens as are the facilities in which they are crafted. Naturally, Bubbies Pickled Herring Fillets contain fish, but do not contain and are crafted in facilities free from the other 7 major allergens. Bubbies Horseradish products sold in Canada (only) are produced in the same facility as our Pickled Herring Fillets.

Do Bubbies products contain sesame seeds?

Our products are sesame free!

Shelf Life & Safety

How long will Bubbies products last?

Our products have a 2-year shelf life from time of packing. Meaning, if you have an unopened Bubbies product purchased in the last 6 months, it should remain safe to consume (unopened & kept refrigerated) for approximately another year! Once opened and if kept refrigerated, we recommend consuming the product within 3-4 months (our horseradish products within 2 months), though all should remain healthy to eat until each product's Expiration Date. For best results, keep all brined products submerged. If your brine is low, just add some filtered water or, better yet, do what Bubbie does and mix in some brine from another Bubbies product. Yum!

Where do I find the “Use By” date on your jars?

The “Use By”, “EXP”, or “Sell By” date can be found stamped in ink on the outside of our jars.

I accidentally left my jar out of the refrigerator overnight after a late night Bubbie snack. Is it still okay to eat?

Mmmm…late night Bubbie snack ☺. We’ve all made that mistake…except Bubbie of course! Luckily, our brine has very high acidity so our refrigerated products should remain safe if left out for a short period of time. That said, leaving Bubbies products unrefrigerated may make them a bit softer and more sour. In the case of our Bubbies Horseradish, it may get darker, separate and lose pungency. Ultimately, we cannot guarantee the quality of improperly stored foods, so you’ll need to use your best judgement when consuming.

My jar of Bubbies is fizzing and bubbling. Is this okay?

Bubbie would say your jar’s gone meshuganeh, or crazy in Yiddish! What she means is your jar has started a second fermentation due to an excess of live cultures. It’s perfectly normal with fermented foods and safe to eat. The product may be a bit softer and more sour than normal. Please do reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns.

My jar didn’t pop when I opened it. Is that okay?

This is normal. Bubbies doesn’t use pop-up lids. Our lids are machine tightened and not vacuum sealed. As Bubbie says, “Vacuums are for carpet!”

What happens when I heat up Bubbies products?

Heating up Bubbies products to high temperatures for a prolonged period will eliminate all remaining cultures, but it will not make them unsafe to consume. Bubbie suggests you eat it cold…and straight out of the jar!

Are your products safe to consume when breastfeeding?

We have no knowledge that consuming Bubbies products while breastfeeding is unsafe. Bubbie isn’t a doctor, though you’d think she is! We feel this is a question best discussed with your doctor.

Can I feed Bubbies products to my animals?

Animals typically don’t need the extra sodium that fermented and pickled foods contain. While an occasional taste will likely do no harm, we wouldn’t recommend feeding your pets our products. We do recommend you consult your veterinarian regarding this question.

Ingredient Details

What kind of salt is used in your brine?

Bubbies products are made with Kosher salt from a now-dried, inland sea bed. Our salt is not iodized and is minimally processed, offering the same sort of flavor and consistency as sea salt.

What are the “spices” used in your ingredients? Are they nightshades?

Bubbie protects her secret recipe with a sharp tongue and a wooden spoon! We can tell you that this ingredient is comprised entirely of whole, ground, and crushed spices without any additives. Three of these spices are whole black pepper, whole dill seeds, and crushed red chilies, the last of which is a nightshade. If you have a specific allergy concern, please write to us.

Why is “vinegar” listed in the ingredients of your Taste The Chutzpah spicy products? I thought you use natural cultures?

The vinegar found in Bubbies Spicy Kosher Dills and Spicy Sauerkraut is used to preserve hot banana peppers, which are harvested later in the year than our cucumbers and earlier than our cabbage. Once pickled, the peppers are drained of the vinegar and added to our traditional brine. There are trace amounts of this vinegar present in these Bubbies products, which is why we list it as an ingredient.

Why do you use calcium chloride in certain Bubbies products?

Calcium chloride is commonly used to keep fermented and pickled products crisp in texture over the course of their shelf life. We here at Bubbies only use calcium chloride derived from natural sources that are not chemically processed. Bubbie wouldn’t have it any other way!