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Eat my pickles.
Wear clean underwear.
Marry a doctor.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long do pickles/sauerkraut last after being opened?

Whether opened or unopened, all of Bubbies products should remain safe to eat through their listed ‘Use By’, ‘EXP’ or ‘Sell By’ dates, but once opened they are at their best if consumed within 3 to 4 months.

Are your products Gluten Free?

All of Bubbies products are gluten free and are manufactured in a gluten-free environment.

Is it ok to drink the brine?

Drinking the brine is divine! You can substitute brine for vinegar when making dressings or marinades. Try adding some brine to your favorite salad, soup or savory cocktail.

I left my jar of Bubbies on the shelf and not refrigerated for a couple of days, is it still good to eat?

Most of Bubbies food products should remain safe to eat if left out of refrigeration for a couple of days because of their very high acidity. Bubbies cannot guarantee the quality of improperly stored foods, and consumers must use their best judgment when consuming them. If left out for a couple of days, Bubbies fermented foods will become a bit softer and sourer; Bubbies Horseradish may begin to change a darker color, may separate and lose pungency; but all should still remain safe to eat. On the other hand, Bubbies Bread & Butter Chips do not require refrigeration until opened, but must be kept refrigerated thereafter. Our Pickled Herring Fillets should be kept refrigerated at all times and discarded if not stored properly.

Why can I no longer find the pickled green tomatoes in grocery stores?

Unfortunately, Bubbies Pickled Green Tomatoes were in limited production due to crop quality and limitations each calendar year. The Pickled Green Tomatoes were not well received by the public and not being a fast-moving product, they were canceled by most of the markets they were carried in. For those reasons, we've made the hard decision to discontinue them. We sincerely apologize for this discontinuance and sincerely appreciate your support of this product throughout the years. We hope to have an alternative new product developed in the near future to replace them.

Does heating up sauerkraut harm it?

Heating the sauerkraut to high temperatures for long periods of time will eliminate any good bacteria remaining from the fermentation process, but it will not make it unsafe to consume. Many people prefer their kraut warm, but we suggest eating Bubbies Sauerkraut cold and straight out of the jar!

Are your products organic?

Bubbies products are considered natural and not organic, and we take being natural very seriously. Bubbies does our best to only support farmers who practice sustainable farming practices and natural animal and plant fertilizers. Pesticides are limited to agricultural sulfur and are only applied when absolutely necessary as part of a comprehensive pest management plan. We have focused on our natural products using no preservatives, MSG or caking agents. We do not have certified organic products at this time.

Is your sauerkraut raw or pasteurized?

We do not consider Bubbies Sauerkraut pasteurized, but we cannot call it raw either. Bubbies Sauerkraut is heated briefly in our bottle wash after being sealed in the jar. This quick process does not eliminate all the cultures, just some of them that are producing the bulk of the carbon dioxide gas at that stage of fermentation.

Do Bubbies products contain any of the 8 major allergens: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Wheat or Soybeans? Are any of these 8 major allergens present in Bubbies’ food facilities?

All of Bubbies products are free of the 8 major allergens as are the facilities in which they are crafted. Bubbies Horseradish products sold in the United States do not contain and are crafted in facilities free from all the 8 major allergens. Naturally, Bubbies Pickled Herring Fillets contain fish, but do not contain and are produced in facilities free from all the other 7 major allergens. Bubbies Horseradish products sold in Canada do not contain any of the 8 major allergens, but are produced in the same facility as our Pickled Herring Fillets.

What are the “spices” listed in your ingredients? Are they nightshades?

Bubbies chooses not to declare a complete list of our ‘spices’ to protect our proprietary recipes, but this ingredient is comprised entirely of whole, ground and crushed spice without any additives. Three of the ‘spices’ we use are whole black pepper, whole dill seed and crushed red chilies, the last of which is a nightshade. If you require more information for allergy reasons, please send us a request naming the spice or spices you are concerned about on our web page at ‘Write Bubbie’.

What kind of salt is used in your brine?

Bubbies products are made with Kosher salt that comes from a now dried, inland sea bed. Our salt is not iodized and is minimally processed, giving the same sort of flavor and consistency as sea salt.

What is your white vinegar made from?

Bubbies Bread & Butter Chips, Horseradish products, Pickled Herring Fillets and the pickled hot banana peppers found in our Spicy Kosher Dills and Spicy Sauerkraut are crafted with white vinegar derived from corn. There is no vinegar present in our Kosher Dill Pickles, Sauerkraut, or Kosher Dill Relish.

Where do I find the ‘Use By’ date on the jar?

The ‘Use By’, ‘EXP’, or ‘Sell By’ date can be found stamped in ink on the outside of the jar, in the area below the lid and above the label. The Herring Fillets have a BB, Best Before date stamped on the top of the lid.

I have a jar of Dill Pickles and it’s cloudy, is this normal?

It’s the cloudy brine that makes it Bubbies! The cloudy brine is a normal byproduct of our natural fermentation process. Over time the cloudiness can settle out of the brine to the bottom of the jar and on the tops of the Pickles. Some batches are naturally cloudier than others, but all are safe to consume and taste delicious. Shake Until Cloudy and Enjoy!

Are any of Bubbies products ‘shelf stable’?

Only Bubbies Bread & Butter Chips are shelf stable because they are pasteurized. All of Bubbies other products require refrigeration at all times, even prior to opening.

My relish went moldy before I could use it up? What can I do?

Fermented foods crafted without preservatives, like Bubbies Kosher Dill Relish, are more susceptible to common airborne mold and yeast when exposed to the open air than most foods. To keep mold from forming, make sure Bubbies Kosher Dill Relish and other fermented foods are completely submerged in their brine. If the brine is looking low, try adding a small amount of filtered water or better yet, the brine from our Kosher Dills, or Sauerkrauts.

Are Bubbies products available online?

Bubbies does not directly sell or ship products online and cannot guarantee the quality of any products purchased from a third party vendor. However, if you find our products online and want to purchase, please be sure they are shipped cold and being refrigerated.

Where can I find Bubbies Fine Foods in Canada?

Bubbies is available in most natural food stores in Canada. However, we always recommended that you call the store to make sure that they're carrying the Bubbies product that you're looking for. If they don't carry it, please fill out the form to request it. Happy Shopping!

Is it safe to buy Bubbies that I found online?

It's ok to buy if the product is stored and shipped refrigerated. There are currently multiple sellers on Amazon and eBay that are storing/shipping unrefrigerated. Other than our Bread and Butter Chips, all Bubbies products should be shipped, stored and kept refrigerated at all times for quality, freshness, and crunch.

Are your products Non-GMO?

All of Bubbies products are made without GMO ingredients and are non-GMO verified.

Are your pickles/sauerkraut probiotic?

Bubbies Kosher Dill Pickles, Spicy Kosher Dills, Kosher Dill Relish, Sauerkraut, and Spicy Sauerkraut are all lacto-fermented with naturally present cultures.  Bubbies chooses not to make claims that any specific strains or quantities of friendly bacteria, a.k.a ‘Probiotics’, are present in these food products because they are all crafted by wild fermentation which will produce different strains and varying quantities of bacteria from batch to batch.

What is "lacto-fermentation"?

Lacto-fermentation is a type of fermentation where by certain bacteria, mostly of the Lactobacillus genus, consume sugars and produce lactic acid. Lacto-fermentation is the magic process behind Sauerkraut, Sour Pickles, Kimchi, Kombucha, Yogurt, and much, much more! The lactic acid produced by these bacteria during fermentation is what ‘pickles’ our cucumbers, and cabbage into Bubbies Dill Pickles, Dill Relish, and Sauerkrauts.

What is "wild fermentation"?

Wild fermentation is a type of fermentation that occurs when the naturally occurring bacteria and/or yeast that culture on and inside fruits and vegetables as they are growing are allowed to flourish in the correct environment, such as beneath the surface of Bubbies cloudy brine! Bubbies Dill Pickles, Dill Relish, and Sauerkrauts are all considered wild fermented foods.

My jar of pickles didn’t pop when I opened it, is that bad?

This is normal! Bubbies does not use pop up lids. Our lids are machine tightened and the jars are not vacuum-sealed.

Is it safe to consume Bubbies products while breastfeeding?

We have no knowledge that consuming Bubbies products while breastfeeding is unsafe. We feel that this would be a health question best discussed with your physician.

Can I feed your products to my animals?

Animals typically do not need the extra sodium that pickled and fermented foods contain. While an occasional taste will likely do no harm, it's best not to give our food products to your pets on purpose. Please consult your veterinarian for information on why pickled and fermented foods should be avoided for your pet.

My jar of sauerkraut fizzed and bubbled all over the counter. Has it gone bad and should I throw it out?

You may have purchased a jar that has started a secondary fermentation. The product will be more sour and possibly a bit softer. It is not harmful to eat, it is just a jar with very active cultures and needs to be kept refrigerated. Please contact us directly if you have further questions.

Why is "vinegar" listed in the ingredients list of the Taste The Chuztpah spicy products when they are labeled as 'Naturally Fermented'?

The vinegar found in Bubbies Spicy Kosher Dills and Spicy Sauerkraut is used to preserve the hot banana peppers which are harvested later in the year than cucumbers and earlier than cabbage. To make Bubbies Taste the Chutzpah! Spicy Kosher Dills and Spicy Sauerkraut, we pickle hot banana peppers in a mild vinegar brine, strain them, and combine with our original Kosher Dill Pickles and Sauerkraut that are fermented with naturally present cultures in salt water brine. The vinegar from the pickled hot banana peppers contributes a different sour flavor not present in our original Kosher Dill Pickles and Sauerkraut. There are only trace amounts of vinegar present in Bubbies Spicy Kosher Dills and Spicy Sauerkraut as a result of adding the peppers.